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for humanity

project: international symposium on the web

forming now

so we can start to build

for all life

on earth

Hi, thank you for your interest!

We Are

We are a grassroots group of engineers interested in helping humanity to unite in new and exciting ways for the purpose of collaboration for safety, survival and healing our climate/protecting our planet.


Along our way, those of us involved with techforceforhumanity.org with it’s project website, wept.tv, have become awakened to the awareness of the dangerous march humanity is currently headed in–extinction–our own, and more than likely every other living thing on our shared habitat, earth, fragile earth. We have become aware that drinking water is dwindling as our deserts are expanding, while the oceans are rising and storms are turning into killers due to the heating up of the planet.  We found out what science is saying loudly and clearly, that the weather is changing because of us humans, because of our giant carbon footprint.  We found out scientists for many years have been crying out to our species (like modern day prophets) to slow down our human activities that were resulting in trapping heat in our atmosphere:  burning of coal, oil, gas, clear-cutting and burning down forests for agricultural, meat production which is directly resulting in world hunger, forest depletion and global warming.


It seems that most of the world is either unaware that we humans are the ones changing our planet’s climate, or they are intentionally working against the message concerned and intelligent people of our world are conveying due to the allure of the profit these atmospheric heat-trapping activities were yielding.

Same Page

We have spent the last decade of our lives consuming books and watching documentaries on the subject that the only way we are ever going to save ourselves from a very painful hungry and thirsty death–the only way we will be able to reverse climate change and begin to restore the balance of Nature–was if we could find a way to truly all get on the same page.

World Unity has gone from being a grandiose fantasy to becoming an essential requirement for Humanity’s Survival.

Harmonized Language International Symposium

I believe we already have the technology we need to create a Harmonized Language International Symposium on the Internet.  A place where one person can speak and every other person throughout the world can hear in their own language and respond to the speaker and to one another in their own language–everyone of us.

Just like I don’t view World Unity as an option, anymore, neither do I view the possibility of achieving that if we do not raise a new Internet, or a new way of communicating upon the Internet, that is for the good of everybody and owned equally by everybody.

Survival is for Everybody

Certainly there are those within our world who are rising in dominance and control and in many ways some of our world’s human societies appear to be functioning well with the current setup.  But even those certain few who own most of the world’s wealth and power are in as much danger as the rest of us, because when there is no more water, when the climate had changed to there is no more snow and ice forming rivers, then lakes and the rest of our fresh water sources, and when food can no longer be grown from the ground because the climate and rainfall patterns no longer support plant growth–no wheat, no potatoes… no food, even our wealthiest “1%” will die a horrible and painful death of hunger and thirst.

Golden Opportunity

I believe that a time is fast approaching when the vast majority of the world will “wake up” to all of this and will realize that their very survival is at stake.

This will be a golden moment of opportunity:

I believe when things heat up enough on this planet, when enough people are realizing that the devastation going on “over there” will soon be “right here” that Human Survival will prove to be an instinct stronger than greed, apathy, wealth, religion, culture or politics.

It will be a golden opportunity only if we prepare for it.

We need a communication channel that is for all people, owned equally by all people, and upheld Internationally by paid and volunteer staff, fostering a human society that is equally honored, cared for and empowered to be part of the global solution.

We will need this to support the one thing that can save all of our lives and the rest of those we share this habitat with:

Measured Fair Fossil Fuel Phase Out

I propose we begin this world wide fossil fuel phase out by declaring and participating in a worldwide volunteer participation in an Earth Sabbath:  One day a week of none of our smoke.  One chance given to our planet (which sustains us) the chance to take a deep clean breath and rest from our relentless activities and environment-destroying smoke.

This will require tremendous organization and trusted, transparent and equal rights, privileges, resources and support to all humans.  This can only be achieved if we are able to come up with our own channel–not a communications channel that is controlled, filtered, and sequestered by one or several powerful entities, but an open source and internationally sustained and supported “one world” communications channel.

A Plan To Save The Earth

In the future–as soon as possible–I will be self publishing and releasing an online and fully interactive book called “A Plan To Save The Earth – Rev. 1” in which I hope to fully articulate the fullness of how I perceive this Symposium can come about and what initial form it can take. The “Rev.1” indicates this is the first revision and future revisions are anticipated.  It is my intention that both the book and this website become a thing that the world’s best and brightest can contribute to, vote on, and be updated (spawning a new revision number) with great responsiveness and speed.


I already know our lives depend on our global human cohesiveness so I have dedicated my life to helping to create this possibility and serving with those who will serve this symposium to develop it into what it can ultimately become and to support it’s stability, integrity and security for the time in which it is serving to help connect humanity in a new way for such a time as ours, as well as such a time as ours is about to become.

I am confident we will find a way of bringing ourselves together to support this effort, to work together to make it become just the communication tool we need for our unique global and individual needs at our time in history.

Together, we will find a way to captivate the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world in every culture and language to understand what all must understand in order for our safety and survival.  Fixing the broken climate will require all hands on deck, and that will require a concerted effort to facilitate communication across all of our species that is fair and equal to all of our species.

Techforce For Humanity


Some fulltime and part time paid staff will be essential.  I hope to be the first amongst them.  Massive volunteer involvement will be supported and empowered by the fulltime and part time paid staff.

The many pieces of the puzzle necessary to make all of this work will be put together together.

What I shall be presenting soon in “A Plan To Save The Earth: Rev 1” will attempt to identify those pieces as well as starting suggestions for how they are put into place.


A non-profit and International effort to empower people of all languages to come together in a measured fair fossil fuel phase out while empowering them with the tangible and effective means to fully communicate and coordinate with each other will require very certain ground rules, some of which I will be suggesting are:

  • This International Social Media channel will have no advertisements:  None
  • Corporate sponsors welcome to sponsor with absolutely no strings attached
  • Finances for techforce4humanity and harmonized language international symposium are 100% transparent to all people at all times, in real time: Whatever budget, expenses, income and outcome transactions happen, they will happen in full public light, always.
  • All people of all religions, nationalities, classes and races welcome: but all are equal, none superior.
  • Every individual gets one and only one user account for the Symposium
  • The best agreed upon methods for ensuring the “one user account per person” will be used, with new and better methods added as they become available
  • Every person gets one vote for any and all things that are voted on. Votes–as in all matters of cyber security for this symposium–are treated with the greatest care by our world’s best and brightest cyber security specialists–both paid and volunteer.
  • Everyone shares equal importance in getting food and healthy drinking water and shelter
  • Every region in the world gets the same level of priority for taking care of starving, thirsty and homeless
  • Everyone does their part–to the best of their ability
  • Those who can do very little (wether too old or young or due to a handicap) are cared for and included equally

If you have read the above list you may observe that I am not merely suggesting a new, better, more powerful International social media channel, I am suggesting a plan to save the earth: and all of us along with it.  And I will be doing so as a servant to humanity not a presumptuous leader.  I am preparing a body of work to go to a larger body of people who share the same goal: saving ourselves from extinction while fostering a friendly, empowered global human society working together to repair, replenish and preserve our one and only habitat, our one and only source of air, food and water: Planet Earth.

We Enhance, Not Compete

For all you care giving and environmental organizations, websites and movements that are going on right now, please understand:

A new Harmonized Language International Symposium on the web will be for your advantage: a new tool you and all of us have been wanting and needing in our effort:  the chance to get the whole world on the same page and help us move together in the right direction of supporting each other and as we work to safeguard and heal our one and only habitat.  All of your valuable input and effort will be multiplied, celebrated and better acted upon.  We will ultimately combine our efforts into one massive and global effort, without undermining anyone’s efforts or ability to carry on the good work they are already doing.

Are you interested in building this with me?

It’s going to be a concerted effort by those who believe in life and are willing to work together to preserve it.

Please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.